Not many tourists come to Kutaisi for the city itself, but rather for the surrounding sights. One Saturday some German couch surfers were staying with a student at the training college, who invited us all out on a trip to two monasteries about 10km outside of the city.

Gelati Monastery, built in the early 12th century by King David the Builder, who is also buried here.

Monastery mongrel

Motsameta monastery

Another monastery mongrel. Tried to hump my leg!

We all fit into their 1985 VW Golf, bought for 250 euros, and it’s been driven from Berlin on their holiday. Two Germans, one Russian, one Georgian, one Pakistani/Canadian, and an American.

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  1. Wow! 6 people in a Golf — awesome!! And those pictures of the monasteries are really fantastic. You’re right – they’re very well preserved, quite amazing actually.

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